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Meredith Sue Willis


For Teachers!

Here's a good essay on making writing conferences with your students informal, quick, and effective. It's in Teachers & Writers Magazine, reprinted from Scholastic.



School Visits and Workshops for Kids
With Meredith Sue Willis

Heywood Avenue School

Meredith Sue Willis is an experienced and enthusiastic writer-in-the-schools. She worked first with Teachers & Writers Collaborative in New York City, and has now been associated for many years with the New Jersey Writers Project. She is also a past Distinguished Teaching Artist of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. She works as a visiting writer inpublic schools in NJ and elsewhere. Her books about the teaching of writing (withlots of exercises for teachers to use!) are Personal Fiction Writing, Deep Revision, and Blazing Pencils.  

When she makes author visits to 3rd -5th graders. she uses her books about Marco, and for middle schoolers, she talks about Billie of Fish House Lane and her youngadult novel, Meli's Way.


Park Ridge High School                                                                  


She also visits high schools to give writing workshops and to talk about Meli's Way. For more information, if you are in New Jersey, go to the New Jersey Writers Project, or get in touch with MSW directly via email at Meredithsuewillis (at)



Also see MSW's Web Page Special Page for Teens (and one for Kids too! )

High Rocks Camp for Teen-age girls




MSW Reads from and Talks about Her Work

MSW reading from Meli's Way at the Ethical Culture Society
of Essex County, New Jersey on December 12, 2015.

Meredith Sue Willis is an experienced and entertaining reader from her work. Invite her to your group for a combination reading and discussion of Appalachian literature or the ethics of writing fiction. Get in touch with her by email at Meredithsuewillis (at)

For more about Meli's Way: "Meli's Way is deftly crafted and inherently absorbing read from beginning to end...very highly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as school and community library YA Fiction collections."

-- Midwest Bookwatch/Children's Bookwatch



NYU SPS Advanced Novel Writing Seminar
MSW is teaching Fiction One, Wednesday evenings October 4-December 13, 2017 and Novel Writing, Monday evenings, September 25-December 4, 2017 at NYU's School of Professional Studies.
Also watch for her next online class.



Book Groups

MSW giving a workshop at the NYU Bookstore

Meredith Sue Willis loves to visit book groups that read her books! If you are within driving distance for her, she'll happily visit your group to take questions, talk about her books, or just listen to you talk. If you live farther than commuting distance, get in touch with her about a conference phone call or email chat. Email her at Meredithsuewillis (at)

To learn more about her books, visit the book page. E-mail MSW for suggestions about what might be a good book for your group; or, sign up for occasional newsletter, "Books for Readers."




Workshops and Talks

A workshop in Madison, New Jersey

MSW gives talks and writing workshops at libraries and other venues on topics like "Finding Stories" and "Strategies to Start Your Novel." Email her at Meredithsuewillis (at)








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Trespassers Ebook Cover ImageA Space Apart Ebook Cover ImageRe-Visions Ebook Cover ImageOut of the Mountains Ebook Cover ImageThe City Bulit of Starships Ebook Cover Image

(To buy any of these books as e-books, click on the image. They are also available at the Kindle Store and at the Nook Store as well as the iBook store and other e-book stores.)

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