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The Summer Starter online writing class is now closed. Check back here for future classes.

About The Summer Starter

An Online One-Month Class to
Start or Re-start Your Writing Project

Monday, June 8, 2015
Monday, June 15, 2015
Monday, June 22, 2015
Monday, June 29, 2015



  The Summer Starter is a one-month, four-session online course in prose narrative (short story, novel, memoir, personal essay, etc.). The course is completely online and consists of short written lectures and readings, writing assignments, and lots of feed back from the teacher, the author of 18 books of fiction and nonfiction and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at New York University's School of Professional Studies.

The class is appropriate for anyone who wants to get started or restarted on a prose narrative project. You may turn in a total of up to 7000 words. The cost is $240 or $215 (a 10% discount) if payment is received before June 1, 2015.

To apply, send an email note explaining how this class would be useful to you to MeredithSueWillis (at) gmail (dot)com.

If you are accepted, you will send a personal check or money order for the required amount made out to Meredith Sue Willis. You'll receive the proper U.S. Post Office address by e-mail.

Your canceled check is your receipt, and you will receive an e-mail confirming your place in the class and telling you next steps.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online writing class with Meredith Sue Willis? Online Writing Classes with Meredith Sue Willis are creative writing classes taught by Meredith Sue Willis through e-mail and the Internet. The classes include written lectures, reading assignments, writing assignments, and one-on-one responses to homework. The sessions are emailed to the students, but it is recommended that students read the sessions online. The students then e-mail passages of their writing to the teacher who e-mails back her comments.
Who is Meredith Sue Willis?  Meredith Sue Willis is a writer and veteran teacher of writing with experience that includes everything from university level to work with small children, teens, and everyone in between. For information about her teaching career and her publications, see her biography, her publication page, and her resumé
What is the format?  The classes are asynchronous: that is, everything will be done by email and online. Email and Internet access are required. You work at your own pace, at any hour that suits you.
What are the writing assignments like? For a variety of free sample writing exercises—not necessarily from the online writing classes—go to Writing Exercises.
How much do these online writing classes cost? Cost for adult classes is $60 per session. For the Summer Starter 2015, there is a 10% discount if you pay before June 1, 2015. Payment is in full, in advance, by personal check or money order. Payment in full must be received before you are officially enrolled in the class. There are no cash refunds.
When does the next class begin?  June, 2015. Classes usually run in January and/or in the summer. Check back here to find out when the next one starts.
What do students say about these online writing classes with Meredith Sue Willis? Read some testimonials by people who took the classes.
How do I enroll?  Enrollment is limited and will close early if the class fills. Go to the information for instructions for the current class.



Additional Information

Students accepted to the class may turn in a total of 6000 - 7000 words during the workshop (up to 1500 words a week).

Enrollment is extremely limited as the teacher is primarily a working writer. No applications will be accepted after the closing date, and the class will close earlier if it fills up. You are not enrolled until payment has been received. There will be no cash refunds, and all homework must be submitted within one week of the final deadline.

There are no cash refunds.


For more information about how online classes with Meredith Sue Willis operate, see Frequently Asked Questions.




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You'll receive MSW's free newsletter for readers and writers and notice of all online classes. You may also send e-mail directly to MeredithSueWillis (at) gmail (dot) com .




Testimonials for MSW's online classes

I have taken several of Meredith Sue Willis's online classes and I treasure all of them. Each of her lessons brought me into her deep understanding of the imagination and the creative process. Not only have I finished a first draft of a novel through her classes, but in this last class I began to grapple with more looming problems of revision. Always her teaching and feedback is clear-eyed. It invites you to keep writing at your best. I look forward to the next class.

                                                             —Dreama Frisk



You have given me confidence to do something I never thought I could do – write scenes and dialogue rather than just description.
                                                   —William Jarvis



My novel needed major revisions. Meredith Sue Willis' Summer Solstice Master Class had me soon writing with a fresh approach, opened creative ways of expressing my ideas and set aside some doubts. I made real progress. To anyone who is looking for assistance in making your writing reflect more of what you can imagine, I encourage you to take this online class.
                         — Jean Prendergast


I'd recommend MSW's on-line writing classes to any writer at any level. She has deeply considered the best components for such a course, keeping them simple to manage yet very likely to get quality writing from each participant. The exercises are numerous, original, challenging and, best of all, fun. Instructor feedback is fast and useful. Not only did I have a blast, but I feel quite positive about the story I got a good running start on. I'd take another class without hesitation.
                                                    — Ed Davis


I found the exercises and the way they were positioned helpful and informative on a variety of levels. I liked how some got us thinking about our characters, some pulled us forward to stretch and see our novels as having length, and others asked us to think about structure. I found these last ones most fruitful, and I think that’s because I’ve been wanting to ask myself where I’m headed.
                                                               —Chris Echaurre



If you're looking for a concise, insightful, personal writing class, look no further. Meredith Sue Willis' on-line writing class is well worth it! She'll challenge you, make you stretch, make you think.
                                                                         —Carter Seaton



The guidance provided by Meredith Sue not only encouraged me to continue with my project, it taught me to review my material from a more professional standpoint. Her comments were insightful; her suggestions stimulating, provocative and very much on-target. I have participated in many workshops and groups. I found Meredith Sue’s on-line course to be a significantly positive influence on my writing. I am eager to sign up for the next course with her.
                                             — Savannah Gill



The January Plan for Novel and Memoir Writers offered on-line by Meredith Sue Willis was truly a gem of a course. Although a professional writer all of my life, I felt I needed a shot in the arm, as well as some good advice as I pursued a genre unfamiliar to me as a writer, the novel. The assignments, both major and minor, as well as the pacing of these exercises all seemed just right – hard enough to push me into new places and yet always easily understandable and somehow accessible. I appreciated, as well, the flexibility built into the overall course which allowed me to stray from the letter of the assignment if I felt I needed to do so. Quite frankly, however, I found the assignments so compelling that even when they didn’t 'fit' the particular needs of my project, I pursued them anyway. Furthermore, and of equal value were Ms. Willis’s comments upon my submitted work. Every word of advice, every critical observation I felt had been weighed carefully and meted out with just the right admixture of encouragement and suggestion. I simply can not recommend her instructional skills too highly and envy those students who count her as their teacher.
                                                                       —Marc Harshman



Just wanted to say what a great get-back-to-work kick in the pants this session has been. That sounds a bit too harsh though, since the most wonderful aspect of it was how supported and encouraged I felt by your thoughtful and insightful reading and response. Each session was chock full of ideas for getting going with writing, and I felt very cared for by the generosity of the assignments both in their number and originality. I especially thought the last one, to write a dream for a character, or write about a dream you yourself had was great. I know I'll be responding to that one and the one on the weather again and again. I appreciated reading the other students' work, though right now I'm in such a private kind of space, that I didn't make comments or join in the on-line community, though I think it's another wonderful aspect of the course and I most likely would take part at another time.
                                           —Deedee Agee



I'd recommend your workshops to anyone who wants coherent, polished writing. The exercises are extremely valuable, and the editing techniques you pass on turn a good idea into something worth reading....I've enjoyed the sessions, and it was good to keep my fingers moving over the keys while traveling. Just enough work, and lots to occupy my thoughts while driving.
                                                                          —Lynne Gleason



Meredith Sue Willis's class, guaranteed to jump-start my writing, did more than that. One of the characters in my novel may not be dead after all and the others have more definition. Meredith Sue's careful editing and comments helped me feel like I am on the right track and gave me more tools to help me get where I want to go. Her warmth and humor shows through with each interaction, an incredible gift in a teacher, particularly when one is interacting through cyberspace.
                                                 — Jamie Rhein



Helped me to stretch my imagination by using challenging exercises. I came away feeling I really am a writer as a result of her positive supporting comments and suggestions. 
                                               — Suzanne Gluck



The experience of Meredith Sue is well worth your time and money    
                                                                      —Martha Jo Goff


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