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Meredith Sue Willis Visits Book Groups,
Makes School Visits, Gives Workshops, And More!

Meredith Sue Willis Will Visit Your Book Club if You Read her Books!


If you are within commuting distance of MSW, she'll happily visit your group to take questions, talk about her books, or just listen. If you live farther than commuting distance, get in touch with her about a conference phone call or email chat. Email her at To learn more about her books, visit the book page.


School Visits with Meredith Sue Willis

For Children: Billie of Fish House Lane

Books for Kids and About Writing

Special Page for Kids

Special Page for Teens



Odds 'n Ends

Special for writers: resources and writing on publishing and more

The Late and Great: Favorite writers and activists

Quotations by Writers On Writing

Some Questions and Answers for Writers

Latest news about MSW-- commentary on her work and more

Upcoming MSW Appearances

Read More Small Press Books !

A Selection of classic and contemporary short stories to read on the web

A selection of Norman Julian's  "The Writing Life" columns from the Morgantown Dominion-Post. Also, see his on Homer Hickam on Mountainlit.

Quotations about Writing

Article "Apply Film Techniques to Fiction Writing" is in the April 2010 print issue of The Writer magazine. A sample from the article is free online here. You may have to register for the site, but there is no charge.

"Seduced Into Consciousness: the Art of Jayne Anne Phillips," MSW's article, has received the 2009 Appalachian Heritage Magazine Plattner Award in non-fiction from Appalachian Heritage

The Authors' Guild on the Google Book Scan Issue

Books for Readers Commemoration of the Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins

Ezell A. Blair, Jr. (now Jibreel Khazan), Franklin E. McCain, Joseph A. McNeil, and David L. Richmond leave the Woolworth store after the first sit-in on February 1, 1960.

From The Guardian online: Elmore Leonard’s funny rules of writing, plus those of Margaret Atwood and others:

Check out a literary agent's survey on readers anad e-readers.

Recent Publication: Short Story "My Most Embarrassing" Online at Two Hawks Quarterly

Bloodroot Literary Magazinehas a reading series for people they publish.

Book List: Books and Articles about Columbia University and the Late Nineteen-Sixties

Fiction Matters website

Raymond Carver's Grave; Chuck Kinder as a Teacher-- Dory Adams' blog

Dory Adams on Walker Evans and Maggie Anderson

Do you have a young friend who needs help writing college essays? Check out this article.

Hemingway's last book

"Transparency is the new Objectivity"


Youtube interview of Irene McKinney, West Virginia's poet laureate. by Kate Long.

Youtube interview of Jayne Anne Phillips

An article on What Young Agents Want from Poets & Writers Magazine

Five Things the Publishing Industry needs to do now!

Funny scholarly article by Jerry Leath Mills on Dead Mules:

Here's an interesting 1986 article in the New York Times in which Christopher Lehmann-Haupt defines the e 4 Literary Fallacies:Pathetic, Imitative, Intentional, and Affective

What is a Kindle? My brother-in-law explains on NPR

How to Mark a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D. is a wonderful and wonderfully old-fashioned essay about books as physical objects versus books as interactive communications. Adler compares books to the scores of musical works--the music happens in the performance, and the book really “happens” in the responsive reader’s interaction with it. I think there is probably some relationship here to the swirling controversies over ownership of creative works and new technologies.

A site for buying and publishing digital books:

Some model novels (and a few memoirs) recommended by members of my Advanced Novel Workshop class at NYU' SCPS

Suzanne McConnell on Kurt Vonnegut as a teacher  -- scroll down when you get there (this is the September 2007 page).

Article about digital versus conventional publishing

Check out, an often-updated service listing markets by category.

The Rutgers-Newark Master of Fine Arts Program is now accepting applications in Fiction, Nonfiction or Poetry. See their website at
Faculty include Jayne Anne Phillips, Rigoberto Gonzalez, and Tayari Jones.

Check out these writers' Websites

Site for learning about legitimate poetry contests at Winning Writers. Click here to learn about some not-so-legitimate ones--Winning Writers also has a contests-to-avoid page.Deadlines for writing contests at Poets & Writers.

If you don't have a web presence yet, you really ought to. To get your feet wet, you might try one of the free (meaning with ads) webpages at places like Geocities Yahoo. Click here to see one that I set up in about 5 minutes. I don't like it, but it is REALLY quick and REALLY easy to do. If you can fill in info and buy stuff on the web, you can do this. Also consider buying the domain name with your name--thus, I own You can get these at several places, including .

Article by David Weinberger about publishing with

Video of David Weinberger explaining the Internet to the Germans!

New York Times Article on E-mail behavior

Support small presses and the future of literature!

Bookworm Magazine -- For the Young Writers in your life

Notes on some of my favorite writers

Writing Hints

Places That Publish Writing by Teens

Writing Exercises for Kids!

Calendar of readings in New York City at

The Ethical Culture Review of Books

Latest issue of The Hamilton Stone Review

Adam Sexton's excellent book MASTER CLASS IN FICTION WRITING: LESSONS FROM AUSTEN, HEMINGWAY AND OTHERS is now available.You can find it at and

A Book I'm very excited about.: Forever After about teachers and teaching after 9/11. Click here.

A teacher named Jeanette Stricklen has a piece on Ron Pramschufer's website “Writers—Beware of Subsidy Publishers, Vanity Publishers, and Poetry Websites ." It’s an interesting personal experience, straightforward, although at the end Ms. Stricklen does give a plug to Mr. Pramshufer’s business, . She seems to feel that iUniverse and Authorhouse and the others pretend to be publishers while Mr. P. represents honest old fashioned self-publishing. This may simply be her increasing sophistication. At any rate, it’s worth taking a look at.

Review of Keith Maillard's tetralogy.

Neat New Website for Lee Maynard: Take a Look

Holiday Piece from Cat Pleska-- With Jingle Bell Rock!

Kate Long interviews Irene McKinney, West Virginia's poet laureate, on Youtube.

Article on What Young Agents Want from Poets & Writers Magazine

There are many excellent small literary magazines to read in hard copy and online. Bloodroot Literary Magazine , for example, has my story "Tara White." Read an excerpt here.

More things to Read

What is a Kindle? My brother-in-law explains on NPR

How to Mark a Book by Mortimer J. Adler, Ph.D.

Worst Query Letter Ever

Resources for Writers

Page for Teens

The Hamilton Stone Review All-West Virginia Issue

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