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WSM Technical Services



1. Book blocks.

WSM Technical Services will prepare a simple book block from a standard word processor file (such as a plain Word .doc) suitable for digital printing for $300 and up, depending on size of book and difficulty. A typical prose book of 200 - 300 pages would be $300 to $350.

Note: This is not copy editing, but preparing pages in a readable font with the right spacing, etc. as a .pdf file acceptable for uploading to Lightning Source, Inc. and other digital printers.


2. E-book Conversions.

WSM Technical Services will prepare a book (from a plain Word .doc or .rtf file) for all e-book formats for a flat $200. ($250 with images etc.) This includes a separate Kindle conversion as well as a conversion that includes .mobi, Nook, Sony, Epub, Ipad, html, .pdf and more. The book will be listed in the Amazon Kindle store as well as Barnes & Noble and more.


3. Covers prepared from existing art work

WSM Technical Services will make a simple front cover, back cover and spine as a single .pdf file suitable for uploading and printing to Lightning Source, Inc. and other digital printers for $200 and up. If you have an ISBN number, there will be a bar code included for Lightning Source, Inc. Email with description for an estimate.


For more details, write WSM Technical Services

Note: The next step, should you use these services, would be to find a digital short run printer. Here are a couple I found on the Internet-- you would upload your .pdf cover file and .pdf book block file and the finished perfect bound paperpack books would run $4.00 each if you buy @ 250 copies. This is not a recommendation-- just a sampling of where to go for printing.


Gorham Prnting
Mill City Press






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MSW E-books

Meli's Way Ebook Cover ImageOradell at Sea Ebook Cover ImageLove Palace Ebook Cover ImageDwight's House Ebook Cover ImageHigher Ground Ebook Cover ImageOnly Great Changes Ebook Cover Image
Trespassers Ebook Cover ImageA Space Apart Ebook Cover ImageRe-Visions Ebook Cover ImageOut of the Mountains Ebook Cover ImageThe City Bulit of Starships Ebook Cover Image

(To buy any of these books as e-books, click on the image. They are also available at the Kindle Store and at the Nook Store as well as the iBook store and other e-book stores.)

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