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A Good Place to Look for Publications that Publish Poetry


Online and hard copy publications that publish fiction

Avery  http://www.averyanthology.org/
Big City Lit http://www.nycBigCityLit.com
Black Bird www.blackbird.vcu.edu publishes poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama as well as multi-modal works exploring the electronci possibilities as well as the traditions of the best in print journals.
Bloodroot Literary Magazine has a nice reading series they do for people who they publish. See their website at http://www.bloodrootlm.com/
The Broken Plate   Run by undergraduates, but they welcome submissions from eeryone. See  http://brokenplate.iweb.bsu.edu/
Collected Stories http://www.collectedstories.com (This has links to lots of online places that publish fiction)
Contrary Magazine
East of the Web http://www.short-stories.co.uk/ out of Britain.
Ep;phany http://www.epiphanyzine.com
The Hamilton Stone Review   http://www.hamiltonstone.org/hsr.html
jmww http://jmww.150m.com/ Online lit zine-- reads all year round.
The King's English This magazine wants long essays and novellas!
Land Grant Colleges Review http://www.land-grantcollegereview.com
Long Story Short (flash fiction only) http://www.alongstoryshort.net/
Mountain Echoes http://www.mountainechoes.com
Muse & Stone, Buhl Hall, Waynesburg University, 51 West College Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370. Mixes undergrand and unsolicited. See website. Cover letter plus SASE for response only.
Mystic Review http://acarts.org/mystic
The New Ohio Review http://www.ohio.edu/nor/
Passager at www.passagerpress.com has as mission to publish writing that brings to light the collective imagination of those who are over 50.
Peeks and Valleys: A Southern Journal has a focus on short fiction: http://www.peeksandvalleys.com/index.
The Pedestal Magazine http://www.thepedestalmagazine.com
Perigee is an online journal of fiction and poetry, up to 5,000 words for fiction. It's at http://www.perigee-art . SUSPENDED PUBLICATION
Persimmon Tree at http://persimmontree publishes literary work by women over 60.
Pif Magazine www.Pifmagazine.com
Prick of the Spindle http://www.prickofthespindle.com
The Rambler http://www.ramblermagazine.com/
Raving Dove http://ravingdove.
Redux -- An invitation-only literary journal of writers' favorite, previously published stories and poems, not found elsewhere on the web, http://www.reduxlitjournal.com/2012/07/44-sigh-of-hard-pressed-creature-by.html (updated 8-1-12)
R.KV.R.Y.http://www.ninetymeetingsinninetydays.com/    Poetry and Fiction, theme of "recovery" in broadest sense.
The Rose & Thorn Literary E-zine http://www.theroseandthornezine.com/
rumble (publishes micro-fiction)
Salt River Review http://www.poetsersv.org/
Slab http://www.slablitmag.org/
Steam Ticket http://www.steamticket.
Storyglossia  http://www.storyglossia.com/front.html
Story South You need a Southern Connection.
Terrain.Org http://www.terrain
Tin House http://www.tinhouse.com/
Upstreet: a Literary Magazine http://www.upstreet-mag.org/
Vestal Review Flash fiction only.
Women Writers  http://www.womenwriters.net/index.html


Shelley Ettinger's list of Markets for Writers of Literary Short Fiction

Shelley Ettinger sent information from the Poets & Writers' Speakeasy discussion board where some writers listed fiction markets by degree of impossibility of getting published in them. She points out that it is not comprehensive (and recommends the fuller list at http://www.newpages.com) but says she likes the way this one breaks it down.

Shelley also recommends Duotrope.com/ , an often-updated service listing markets by category.

I. Too competitive for words:
Atlantic Monthly ( Michael Curtis, fic. ed.) www.theatlantic.com Harper's (Ben Metcalf, literary ed.) www.harpers.org Esquire (Adrienne Miller, literary ed.) http://www.esquire.com/about GQ http://us.gq.com Ms. www.msmagazine.com The New Yorker (Deborah Treisman, fic. ed.) www.newyorker.com Playboy (Christopher Napolitano) http://www.playboy.com/...tion-guidelines.html
II. Ultra Competitive:
DoubleTake www.doubletakemagazine.org/ Granta (Ian Jack, ed., London) www.granta.com/about/contacts Glimmer Train, www.glimmertrain.com McSweeny's www.mcsweeneys.net/ The Oxford American (Southern writers/themes) www.oxfordamericanmag.com/ Paris Review (Brigid Hughes) http://parisreview.com/ Ploughshares (guest editors) www.pshares.org/index.cfm The Sun (Sy Safransky, ed. www.thesunmagazine.org The Threepenny Review (Wendy Lesser, ed) www.threepennyreview.com/ Tin House (Rob Spillman, ed.) http://tinhouse.com Zoetrope www.all-story.com
III. Very very competitive: Agni www.bu.edu/agni/ Antioch Review www.antioch.edu/review/ Boulevard www.richardburgin.com/boulevard.htm Conjunctions www.conjunctions.com
Georgia Review www.uga.edu/garev/
Gettysburg Review www.gettysburg.edu/academics/gettysburg_review
Iowa Review www.uiowa.edu/%7Eiareview/mainpages/tirweb.html
Kenyon Review (Nancy Zafris, fic. ed.) www.kenyonreview.org
Michigan Quarterly Review www.umich.edu/~mqr/index.html
Missouri Review (Speer Morgan, ed.) www.missourireview.org/
New England Review http://cat.middlebury.edu/~nereview
North American Review www.webdelsol.com/NorthAmReview/NAR Ontario Review Prairie Schooner www.unl.edu/schooner/psmain.htm Southern Review Tri-Quarterly (Northwestern U) www.triquarterly.org/ Virginia Quarterly Review (Ted Genoways) www.virginia.edu/vqr/ Zyzzyva (West Coast writers; Howard Junker, ed.) www.zyzzyva.org/
IV. Darn Competitive: Alaska Quarterly Review http://aqr.uaa.alaska.edu/ Another Chicago Magazine www.anotherchicagomag.com/ Bellingham Review www.ac.wwu.edu/~bhreview/ Beloit Fiction Journal www.beloit.edu/~english/bfjournal.htm Bellevue Literary Review www.blreview.org/ Black Warrior Review http://webdelsol.com/bwr/ Blue Mesa Review http://www.unm.edu/~bluemesa/ Chicago Review http://humanities.uchicago.edu/orgs/review/ Boston Review www.bostonreview.net/aboutBR.html Carolina Quarterly www.unc.edu/depts/cqonline/ Cimarron Review http://cimarronreview.okstate.edu/ Colorado Review www.coloradoreview.com/ Conjunctions www.conjunctions.com/njhome.htm Cutbank www.umt.edu/cutbank/ Denver Quarterly www.denverquarterly.com/ Fiction (Mark Mirsky, ed)
Fiddlehead www.fiddlehead.ca/ Five Points (Ga. SU) www.webdelsol.com/Five_Points/ Greensboro Review www.uncg.edu/eng/mfa/review/review.htm Gulf Coast www.gulfcoastmag.org/index.html Harvard Rev http://hcl.harvard.edu/...tments/harvardreview Hayden's Ferry Indiana Review http://www.indiana.edu/~inreview/ir.html The Journal www.cohums.ohio-state.edu/english/journals/the_journal/ Land Grant College Review www.land-grantcollegereview.com/index.php Literal Latte www.literal-latte.com/ The Literary Review www.theliteraryreview.org/ Malahat Review http://web.uvic.ca/malahat/ Manoa www.hawaii.edu/mjournal/ The Massachusetts Review www.massreview.org/ Meridian www.engl.virginia.edu/meridian/ Mid-American Review New Orleans Review http://www.loyno.edu/~noreview/ Nimrod www.utulsa.edu/nimrod/ Open City www.opencity.org/main.html Phoebe www.gmu.edu/pubs/phoebe/main.html Puerto del Sol www.nmsu.edu/%7Epuerto/welcome.html Quarterly West www.webdelsol.com/Quarterly_West Seattle Review http://depts.washington.edu/engl/seaview1.html Sewanee Review www.sewanee.edu/sreview/home.html Shenandoah http://shenandoah.wlu.edu/ Stand Magazine www.people.vcu.edu/~dlatane/stand.html Swink (new, Leelila Strogov, ed.) www.swinkmag.com Western Humanities Review www.hum.utah.edu/whr/ Witness www.occ.cc.mi.us/witness/ Yale Review www.yale.edu/yalereview/
V. Still plenty competitive: American Literary Review www.engl.unt.edu/alr/index.html Ascent www.cord.edu/dept/english/ascent/ Crab Orchard Review www.siu.edu/~crborchd/ Crab Tree Review www.crabcreekreview.org/ Cream City Review www.uwm.edu/Dept/English/ccr/index2.html Crescent Review www.crescentreview.org/ Florida Review www.flreview.com/ Global City Review http://webdelsol.com/globalcityreview/ Nebraska Review www.unomaha.edu/~fineart/wworkshop/subm.htm New Letters www.newletters.org/ New Delta Review http://english.lsu.edu/journals/ndr Ninth Letter www.ninthletter.com North Dakota Quarterly www.und.nodak.edu/org/ndq/ Notre Dame Review www.nd.edu/~ndr/review.htm Other Voices www.uic.edu/depts/engl/othervoices/index.html Painted Bride Quarterly http://webdelsol.com/pbq/ Potomac Review www.montgomerycollege.edu/potomacreview/index.html
South Dakota Review www.usd.edu/sdreview/ Spinning Jenny www.blackdresspress.com/ Southeast Review www.english.fsu.edu/southeastreview/default.htm Southwest Review www.southwestreview.org/ Sycamore Review www.sla.purdue.edu/academic/engl/sycamore/ Tampa Review http://tampareview.utampa.edu/ Third Coast www.wmich.edu/thirdcoast/ West Branch
VI. Web magazines (many paper mags also publish larger web versions.): www.blackbird.vcu.edu; www.collectedstories.com ; www.Pifmagazine.com; www.vestalreview.net; www.vorticalmag.com




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