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Syllabus for Literature and Medicine 2016

VA New Jersey Health Care System – Lyons Campus
March - May 2016    Lyons VA Hospital   Scholar: Meredith Sue Willis    Hospital Liaison: Ana Paiva
New Jersey Council on the Humanities liaison is Mary Grace Whealan
Literature & Medicine is a program partnership between the New Jersey Council for the Humanities
(http://njch.org) and VA New Jersey Health Care Systems.
2014 Literature and Medicine syllabus, check here.
2015 Literature and Medicne syllabus check here.
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Welcome to the 2016 Edition of
Literature and Medicine!




Session I, Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why Literature and Medicine?

Above, Dr. Oliver Sacks. Below right, Sacks as a young man.
Today: Organization of the sessions; why we read and what we read; literature as an important way to deal with Big Topics; links between mental and physical health; caretaking and war in the the human condition.
Things to Read:









Session II, Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ana found an amusing youtube supporting empathy over sympathy


The Social Stigma of Illness and More


Why are Oliver Sacks's essays so moving to many readers?

Do we still stigmatize certain illnesses or physical/mental states?

Are there other kinds of stigmas? Do returned Veterans bear a stigma? How different is that from the poem "The Scar" or cancer seen as a death sentence?


Susan Sontag left; Emilia Phillips below right







Session III: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Final Session!

Challenges of Caretaking/Soldiers Returning

Phil Klay in the Middle



OPTIONAL: Theresa Brown: Communicating with Patients (opinion piece)




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